Chris Casarez


Chris Casarez from helps businesses grow through SEO and actionable web analytics insights, and is a longtime user of A1 Website Analyzer, A1 Sitemap Generator and now TechSEO360.


he A1 Tools have been an essential part of my technical SEO strategy since I first downloaded A1 Sitemap Generator for my old employer. Tech SEO 360 combines the tools I use most into a single, enterprise-level package that can integrate Google Search Console and Apache Log exports.


Excerpt from Tech SEO 360 Review
posted October 25th, 2017:

It’s become an important tool in my on-site/technical SEO audits, as it quickly displays pages with poor (or non-existent) internal linking, short title tags, mismatching canonical link rel elements, slow loading times, mobile issues, non-indexed pages, etc.

Except from Google Analytics/Adwords Tracking Audits with A1 Website Analyzer
posted December 18th, 2014:

You can use it to crawl your site and find broken links and redirects, link juice flow, last date modified, review meta and H tags, etc. It’s also useful for checking for instances of specific code implementation.